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In 31 days I have seen nine countries and each time I have left a bit of my heart behind.

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Every time the plane lifts off the runway, my heart feels heavy, like a piece of me is still somewhere far off in the distance in the streets, jungles and beaches I have learned to love.

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With two weeks left on this trip, I am sad to see this adventure end, but excited for what is ahead for our company, Givebackpackers and my future travel plans.

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Traveling like this is a lesson in loving unconditionally and without attachment. Like a romance, you enter a foreign place with an idea of what you want, but are given so much more through excitement, mystery, adventure and also, the challenges. You throw yourself into the culture, wander the streets lost and open to discoveries of yourself and the city.

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Like a new lover, you clumsily learn your way around, marvel at the beauty of the new sights and allow your breath to be taken, unexpectedly. Your heart expands as you learn the pain in their history, feeling compassion and inspired by their resilience.

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Although you know it will not last, you spend each day with your new place, soaking it all up and wanting to learn as much as you can before parting ways. Your time together is short but you make it as sweet as possible, loving without knowing when you will visit again and leaving without holding on. 

lake como italy italia travel wanderlust adventure  Like with all love, you cannot keep it or own but the memories and the photos.

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Travel is my lover.

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We are so pleased with our full page article in the San Diego Union Tribune’s Night & Day section in February.  The title was “Model Behavior” and we are so tickled to make the news for doing positive things in the community! Click the image below for the full story online.



Thanks to my new Jay Kordich juicer and my health Jedi master, Drew Canole at FitLife.TV, I have been juicing fresh veggies and fruits almost daily since the start of 2013. On top of my new clean eating habits and daily exercise, I have found juicing has made a significant improvement in my life lately.

I have more energy; I wake up more refreshed, happier and excited to start the day with a juice!

I have been following the delicious recipes online and from Drew’s best selling book, but I decided to make my own concoction to share with you.  In honor of flu season and my travels coming up in a few days, I wanted to boost my immune system with some extra Vitamin C.

Forget flu shots, you can keep yourself healthy by knowing nature’s best kept secrets!

health flu shot juice juicing vegetables healthy ginger kale carrots beet orange apple fennel fit fitness recipe fitlife energy


“The Happy Flu Fighter”

4 leaves of kale – Kale is full of so many good things! Iron, calcium, potassium, vitamins, minerals, fiber and detoxifies your system. It also has anti cancer properties. Don’t believe me that this is the super leaf? Read more here and find great recipes! 

6 tangerines / cuties– These are packed with vitamin C and taste so yummy! Helps balance out the kale with a tangy sweet flavor.

3 carrots – Carrots are full of vitamins and antioxidants, great for your eye sight and taste delicious. More health benefits and recipes for carrots here. 

½ lemon – lemons are high in vitamins, toxins, unwanted minerals and other substances that are pushed out from the body. (Lemon with water is a good morning and evening ritual to pick up for many reasons!) 

1 granny smith apple– Apple a day keeps the doctor away and adds a yummy sweetness to the juice.

2 handfuls of fennel – Fennel is packed with vitamin C, fiber, potassium, health boosters like phytonutrients and antioxidants and other really amazing benefits, especially for women during our least favorite time of the month. Read more benefits and other yummy recipes.

1 inch of gingerSO MANY HEALTH BENEFITS OF GINGER! This is an amazing little root packed with immune boosters, gastrointestinal and anti-inflammatory effects. Besides, it makes everything taste so good.

1 beet – beets are super healthy and add a beautiful color to your juice. I am not a huge fan of the flavor but with all the other delicious fruits and veggies I added make it taste incredible. Read more on beets and be ready to be blown away!

Want to be healthier, happier and have incredibly energy and vitality too? Get Drew Canole’s book for inspiration, information and killer recipes. 

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“Beet Does A Body Good!”  – Linz

health flu shot juice juicing vegetables healthy ginger kale carrots beet orange apple fennel fit fitness recipe fitlife energy

Join the quest to Live More Happy! :) 


If you have ever taken a health class or even seen a food documentary on Netflix, you already know that the majority of what we regularly put in our body is bad for us. So, why do we do it? It’s easy, fast, convenient and oh, so delicious.

What if being healthy was all of those things?

SURPRISE! It can be. You just have to stop making excuses for yourself, like I did, and find the simple solutions all around us.

I love eating bad. I love donuts, doritos, ice cream, hot dogs and especially carne asada burritos.

cake unhealthy healthy fitness fun health diet eat clean

I told myself because I was young, I should eat what I want and that I should enjoy it while I had the metabolism to handle it. I savored every brownie and burger, but I knew that to be healthy, you must eat healthy. I ate like a frat boy until my 24th birthday in December and then said goodbye to my college student diet with a California burrito and a delicious cinnamon sugar monkey bread.

monkeybread healthy cake fitness fun health healthy

My dedication to “clean eating” then began with the book, Clean Start, by Terry Walters, given to me as a birthday gift. The book has recipes for all seasons, as well as nutritional information of different foods and the benefits of “clean eating.” Eating clean means removing chemicals and processed foods from your diet, using fewer ingredients and more plants. Aside from being good for you, clean eating is better for the environment by reducing waste, contamination, improves local environment and economy and is simply the quickest way to feeling your best!

clean start eating healthy food diet cook recipe book fitness terry walters

This book took the fear away from the “healthy eating” stigma. The recipes are for things I can do with my little kitchen experience and they look and taste delicious.

 I have learned that a healthy, filling meal can be prepared in under 10 minutes and by spending a little extra time cutting veggies and making my own trail mix of almonds and dried fruit, I could curb my snack cravings throughout the day, while fueling up between meals. I’ve even found ways to trick my tummy into thinking I was eating ice cream in bed, a favorite past time of mine.

Eating clean has been a fun adventure the last month, but it is just the beginning. I acquired a juicer last week, thanks to my friends at FitLife.TV and am loving all the amazing juices filled with veggies and nutrients I am now enjoying daily.  I am falling more in love everyday with my new feelings on food, my energy and glowing skin. (Even my nail technician mentioned my neck and face looked thinner and healthier!)

You don’t need a gym membership or to pay for expensive training or classes to be fit, either. I make all my workouts fun, unique and enjoy the gorgeous outdoors we are blessed with almost year round here in California.

The way to Live More Happy is to Live More Healthy, so follow my journey through the world of healthy living, the easy, inexpensive and fun way!

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